Jon Magnusson with “Acoustic Dreams”: a dip between memory and the past

It has been a while since the last review by a foreign artist, to be precise since that of Pablo Mercedes. Today, Le Interviste di Nick come backs and brings a breath of fresh air comes directly from Europe and more precisely from Sweden, where Jon Magnusson release his new EP. Perhaps not everyone knows his name, but I’ll talk about him.

Swedish musician, songwriter and sound engineer, Magnusson is passionate and studies music from an early age. His first composition dates back to when he was 16 and now he has been devoted to music for over 10 years. His “favorite weapons” are the trusted guitars and his “banner” is an independent Folk music, with shades of Punk, Jazz and Soul. With the support of the modern era instruments, Jon became a 360 ° composer, able not only to play his pivotal instrument, the guitar, but to arrange a piece, in every part, entirely alone, thanks to his knowledge and its flexibility.

And it is precisely from his latest work that we are here to speak today. Three months after the previous “Always a Rebel“, characterized by harsher and electric sounds, the new EP, “Acoustic Dreams“, represents a step back, a return to the origins of Magnusson, to his iconic Folk, thus demonstrating the his ambition to look for new forms of artistic expression.

Released today, June 1st, “Acoustic Dreams” is composed of 5 songs, 2 unpublished and 3 covers, which, originally, were very distant genre pieces, such as punk, power metal and synth pop. All the covers are considered special songs for the artist and has been tenderly molded in the unique style of Jon Magnusson’s fine fingerpicking and soulful voice.

With these assumptions, let’s go deeper and explore this new gem.


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The Tracks

The Street Where I Was Born

Let’s start the EP with the opening song “The Street Where I Was Born”. It starts immediately with a simple, but captivating acoustic guitar tour that introduces the voice. There is talk of a nostalgic and moving story, a look at the past, a return to the streets of the home, where it was customary to play alone until late at night. It is an idyllic place, where nature is pure and uncontaminated, full of memories and sensations.
Slowly, the melody is enriched by adding sounds of new instruments like tambourine and strings.
The story continues, in its simple musical structure with a short refrain, almost mixed with the verse, recalling and retracing the path of a young boy who as a child became an adult, between games and entertainment and the memory of that place will accompany him forever.


Sweetest Thing

The first cover of the EP, a tribute to the electronic music duo Almost Honey. Introduction arpeggiated and very rich melodically. The guitar is not alone, but is followed closely by beautiful arcs and not only, which act as a harmonious support. After this short prelude, the verse comes into play: we talk about a casual meeting between two people, an apparently normal encounter, with nothing right or wrong, but something was popped and it was the sweetest thing.
A new round of chords, in an extremely sweet and romantic atmosphere, leads to the second stanza, with a growing awareness of one’s own feelings, but the impossibility of saying “no”, of preventing that goodbye, of remaining together.
Beautiful solos and final nuances with which the song is closed.


Lust For Life

A melancholic beginning is that of this song. To accompany the guitar tour, the idiophone sound similar to a bell that slowly echoes and fades into the air. The atmosphere, however, is a deception compared to the true character of the song, because it is a real ion to joy, to the joy of living. In words mixed with music, there is the awareness of the beauty of living, of a love that, despite the doubts and difficulties that may arise over time, will never fade and music, even by itself, soon becomes a real mirror for these words.


Growing Old Desgracefully

Another cover, this time a tribute to Juxta for a song considered special. A short and classic introduction of guitar and here that attacks the verse. Magnusson has made an exceptional transformation: a punk rock song with a rebellious character, like a real protest cry and attack on the concept of growth and maturation has instead become a serious and poetic ballad, an almost amusing explanation of the discomfort of becoming adults , of how often we can not or want to meet authority and inadvertently, we become disgracefully.


Your Dreams

Last, but not least, is Your Dreams. It is a kind of car tribute or rather a reinterpretation of oneself. The song in fact abandons the punk character that it had originally and embraces in all and for all this folk style. Organ and guitar give way to acoustic guitars and very light winds.

Yet the concept does not change: it is a song of protest,  struggle, only now with a more poetic tone. No matter how much life or especially people can try to destroy you, to throw you down, deprive yourself of everything, envious of yours ability, your skills, your dignity and your heart, because as long as you have dreams, as long as you have the opportunity to let go, abandon yourself to a mono where you can go far, with infinite hopes and possibilities, then hope does not he will die and this is perhaps the most beautiful message of all.


Final Rating: 7.5/10


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