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Jon Magnusson


We return with a new interview with emerging artists, in collaboration with Le Interviste di Nick, here on Rock’s Temple. Today, we will deepen the knowledge of Jon Magnusson, whom we met a few weeks ago, presenting his new EP”Acoustic Dreams“.

Magnusson is a swedish musician, songwriter and sound engineer, passionate of RockFolk, Punk, Jazz and Soul music. He is a 360 ° composer, skillful not only with his instrument, the guitar, but to create a piece using, with the help of modern technology, any type of instrumentation.

10 questions may seem few, but with them, we will deepen the past, present and future of this artist.


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1) As a first question, I would like you to tell me more about your musical background: how was your love for music born and how you approached it?

Magnusson: It was first born at nine years old in Swedish Municipal Music Education where kids get to play an instrument almost for free. I played the keyboard and I’ve been hooked on music ever since.

2) How did you start and describe your songwriting activity?

Magnusson: I started writing when I was a kid but more seriously when I was 16-17 and wrote and recorded my first real song when I was 17. Most often an idea to a song comes spontaneously and then I build a whole song around that basic idea.

3) Which are the artists that have most inspired and influenced you?

Magnusson: In Sweden it’s two artists Håkan Hellström and Joakim Thåström. Internationally I’d say The Clash, Leonard Cohen and Silvio Rodriguez.

4) How much do you think it is important to have a strong musical identity and how would you comment on yours?

Magnusson: I think it’s very important. I try to be as eclectic as possible always trying out new things and also being very generous, connecting with people for real.

5) Let’s talk about your new EP, “Acoustic Dreams”. What can you tell us about it?

Magnusson: It’s two original songs and three covers from totally different genres that I made as a challenge last Christmas. It’s totally acoustic so no electric bass or drums but some string arrangements and percussion.



6) Which do you think is your most representative song or that gave you more satisfaction?

Magnusson: I’d say Always a Rebel. It’s not about myself but I can see myself in the struggle of trying to keep up an alternative lifestyle as it gets harder the older you get.

7) In your philosophy, both life and music, what are the most important values?

Magnusson: Solidarity. To not only look out for yourself but also others. To help others succeed and also share your own success and failures so others can learn from it.

8) What do you feel when you make music?

Magnusson: Pure joy, especially when I write a song, which I don’t do that often.

9) Is there any artist would you like to cooperate with?

Magnusson: I’d love to cooperate with Paul Simon, but that’s quite a impossible dream. Instead I’m already today collaborating with a lot of artists and I’d love to make some more hip hop.

10) What can you tell me about your future projects? And what peaks would you like to reach?

Magnusson: I just started to record a new EP with three songs in Swedish and one in English that’s dedicated to my daughter Alma and then you never know what will happen. My ultimate goal is to make a steady income to be able to have creative freedom and be able to do the things I love.


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