Le Interviste di Nick – Elk Minister

Elk Minister 1

For the month of August, a new appointment with Le Interviste di Nick, here on Rock’s Temple. Last month we met through review the great project of the American composer Elk Minister, analyzing in detail his latest EP released at the time “Cancer“. Influenced by listening to genres such as rock, jazz and classical music, Elk has dedicated his passion for music since the age of 7 and has been a composer for almost as long. Currently, Elk is busy in a large-scale project of 26 albums called “The Book of Slaw:…

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Elk Minister with “Cancer”: An experience beyond space and time

Cancer - Elk Minsiter

We return with a new review in collaboration with “Le Interviste di Nick “. The last time we talked about the latest EP by the Swedish author Jon Magnusson, “Acoustic Dreams”, while today we will move elsewhere, in the middle of wild nature and pristine forests, to meet the author Elk Minister. Born in a small house in a forest, he meets a passion for music at age 7 and soon begins to compose his songs. Soon he meets the rock influences that will affect his life and later those jazz and…

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Le Interviste di Nick – Jon Magnusson

Jon Magnusson

We return with a new interview with emerging artists, in collaboration with Le Interviste di Nick, here on Rock’s Temple. Today, we will deepen the knowledge of Jon Magnusson, whom we met a few weeks ago, presenting his new EP”Acoustic Dreams“. Magnusson is a swedish musician, songwriter and sound engineer, passionate of Rock, Folk, Punk, Jazz and Soul music. He is a 360 ° composer, skillful not only with his instrument, the guitar, but to create a piece using, with the help of modern technology, any type of instrumentation. 10 questions may seem few, but…

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Jon Magnusson with “Acoustic Dreams”: a dip between memory and the past

It has been a while since the last review by a foreign artist, to be precise since that of Pablo Mercedes. Today, Le Interviste di Nick come backs and brings a breath of fresh air comes directly from Europe and more precisely from Sweden, where Jon Magnusson release his new EP. Perhaps not everyone knows his name, but I’ll talk about him. Swedish musician, songwriter and sound engineer, Magnusson is passionate and studies music from an early age. His first composition dates back to when he was 16 and now he has…

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What a Laugh!: L’intervista ad una band tutta giovanile da Caserta!

What a Laugh! L'intervista ad una band tutta giovanile da Caserta

Oggi intervistiamo i What A Laugh!, una band giovanissima molto valida che nasce in provincia di Caserta in un contesto dove il punk non è radicato e dove suonare è un’impresa anche per via dei costi che comporta. La band è composta da Andrea Russo (bassista), Francesco Dello Stritto (chitarra e voce), Dario Maione (chitarra e voce) e Giovanni Arcella (batteria). Il loro EP (che si può trovare su bandcamp) è composto da cinque tracce introspettive ed eloquenti, segnate da sentimenti contrastanti e impossibili da esprimere (Useless Song e AWUA)…

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Baryonyx – L’intervista ad una band emergente di Livorno

Baryonyx Intervista

Baryonyx gruppo toscano alternative/electro rock formatosi nel 2007 a Livorno. Scopri qualcosa in

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Haegen: il folk metal di “Tales From Nowhere” | (review: Marco Durst)


Nell’ antichità, quando ancora le fiamme erano le uniche fonti di calore e il fuoco era l’unica luce in grado di illuminare la notte, il popolo si radunava in varie abitazioni  per assistere ai racconti narrati da qualche vecchio saggio, che grazie alle sue storie era capace di proiettare

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